Illuminate your mind.



Tick Tock ...

Numerical Memorisation just entered a new age.  

Illuminate your mind. 

Give yourself an advantage in education through training your brain, that you truly deserve.

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The Time Is NOW!

Limitless Memory is the WORLD's 1st Numerical Memorisation game, that combines Alpha-Numerical coding and Augmented Reality technology. 

The results are simply beyond impressive.


We have designed this course to be FUN, SIMPLE TO USE & EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE

Following your purchase, you will be sent your Limitless Memory Welcoming Pack which contains:

Limitless Memory Workbook

Limitless Memory Stars

Limitless Memory APP

It's that Simple...

Follow the workbook, complete the exercises and play the game.

Before you know it, you will be able to memorise almost any number.

Use these skills in your school life and everyday.

Benefits you can expect

Increased numerical confidence

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After completing the Limitless Memory course, you will understand a new and fun method to memorise numbers and information.

Recite numbers accurately

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Let's be honest. 

Remembering numbers and information is a very impressive skill. This course will give you the foundation and examples to learn sequences 4 digits up to 60 digits long!!!

School & Life application

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The beauty of Limitless Memory is you then use this methodology everyday and everywhere, not just at school or college. Attain better results and make your dreams come true. 

A FUN way to learn

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Workbooks, Cards, Augmented Reality and Walking.

How many educational, school or brain training courses do you know that combine these number of elements?

Immersive experience

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This is not your boring way to memorise information. You will really get involved and grow your brain. Use your home, school, garden or park for example as your learning playground.

A Limitless Journey

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A Limitless Memory does last FOREVER. 

Dream Big. Work Hard.

We want to help you. 

This course is truly for any age. 

Training your brain is For Ever.

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